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Brewing Classic Styles “Project”

Just some of the supplies I'll be using today.

Just some of the supplies I’ll be using today.

Back in January, January 6th to be exact, I said I was going to start a brewing challenge and that challenge was to use this blog more as well as to brew all the recipes in the Brewing Classic Styles book by Jamil Zainasheff.  That time has finally come.  It also comes on a one year hiatus from brewing anything.  I did reach out to Jamil and his publisher for permission to post recipes and I can do so. However, I just can’t post all of them.  Once I have brewed several of them I will be allowed to share my favorites.

For this brew session I am going to brew #20 Blonde Ale and #35 Scottish 60/- Caramelized.  The cool part of the 60/- recipe is the removal of 1 gallon of wort from 1st running’s of the mash to be boiled off to give the caramelized flavor which will keep this recipe close to the traditional way this beer was brewed.  The bad part is that it also needs to be cold conditioned at 40° for “several months”.  I’ll get to try this beer sometime in late September. 🙁  Which is why I am brewing the Blonde Ale as well.  This beer can be aged also but because I really want something on tap on the Keg bar I am going to take this one grain to glass in about 14 days.

As I said in my original post I will be sending some of these beers out for tasting to a few brewing buds over at so they can give me some feedback on the recipes.  More to come…