Monthly Archives: September 2010

New Belgium Brewing – Blue Paddle Pilsner Lager

My first beer review is Blue Paddle from New Belgium Brewing in Colorado. At first this beer is a decent beer. It pours a nice clear golden color with a white head that fades in the time it took me to tie up the trash and take it to the garbage can. The beer has a mild grassy citrus aroma that is quite pleasant. The first drink was a smooth tasting with no alcohol bite and a lingering bread-like mouthfeel. There is little head retention but there is a good amount of lacing. As the beer gets warmer it seems to morph into a Miller Lite.

It was a decent Beer that could be a pleasant summer drinker. However, I think there are better beers on the market for summer beers. Somewhat disappointed as I really like other beers from New Belgium.

Change of Plans

Well, I was going to brew up a Parti-Gyle recipe, However, I cannot decide on the recipes I want to brew. So I decided, after some research on the web and an interesting piece of info I found, to brew up my Spotted Cow Clone again. The info I found says that New Glarus Brewing Co uses Kolsch for their Spotted Cow. I am going to brew my Spotted Cow Clone with a bit of a side by side comparison. So I am going to brew the standard 10 Gallons and split the batch into two 5 Gallon fermenters and use a Kolsch for one fermenter and the 3711 French Saison yeast for the 2nd fermenter.

Recipe is Here.

I will comment as the progression moves forward and let you know how this goes.